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Little Dog's 'Paddington Bear' Costume Is Halloween Internet Gold

As Halloween approaches, we are seeing more and more adorable pet costumes pop up on our TikTok feeds, and we aren't complaining! It's so fun to see how creative these pet parents can be when putting together the costumes for their fur babies. One pup is capturing hearts in her amazing costume that you don't want to miss.

TikTok user @scottyandsimone recently shared a video of her Yorkshire Terrier, Simone, posing in her Halloween costume. In the video, Simone is absolutely rocking a Paddington Bear costume, and we can't even tell the difference between her and the original bear! Check out the video to see this costume in all of its glory.

OMG, we cannot get over how amazing Simone looks in this costume. She looks identical to the original Paddington Bear—it's absolutely perfect. We know who is winning the neighborhood costume contest this year!

People in the comments couldn't believe how cute Simone looked. @cultureviolet said, "This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen," and @clarele13 commented, "Holy moly, this just made my whole morning. How cute!" We can't even begin to imagine what could be cuter than Simone in her Paddington bear costume!

Others desperately wanted this costume for their own pups. @_.sgh._ commented, "Ahhhh, where did you find this outfit? I must buy it!" and @jourdancole said, "My dog needs this costume. Where can I get it?" Everyone wants to dress their dog up so they can be as cute as Simone in this video!

Everyone is understandably obsessed with this video. We think Simone needs to be cast as Paddington in the next live-action Paddington Bear movie!

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