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Video of Parakeet Showing His Mama Some Love Is Beyond Adorable

If you've never owned a bird before, you might not understand that they are so affectionate. It's true! Sure they can't play fetch like a dog or cuddle like a cat, but there are many other ways that birds can say I love you. That's probably why we can't stop watching a video of an Indian Ring-Necked Parakeet and his mama, who were so in sync with one and other that they were practically twinning.

Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada, Kiwi and his mama Tamara Mercer probably spend tons of time together. So much so, that in a recent video shared on Kiwi's TikTok page @tamarasbluechicken the two were speaking at the same time. "You're so cute," Kiwi tells his mom in the footage. "You're so cute!" she responds. The rest of the video is too sweet. We promise you'll need to watch it again and again. 

Over 8 million people have watched Kiwi's video — and yes, people were obsessed. "I can’t handle how cute this is. I watched it like 20 times," @mikeandbernadette wrote. "His eyes when you 'ate' him!" @captainroz added. "The way y’all said the same thing together!" @jillrylove raved. "I’ve never noticed how Kiwi’s eyes widen and narrow. So expressive! I loved this video so much," @david_onda commented. 

Later in the thread, Mercer admitted that she might not have realized how much Kiwi had been paying attention. "He certainly hangs out with me way too much when he finishes my sentences lol," she wrote. 

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But that's what we're saying. Birds really do show you so much love. You just have to listen!

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