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Paralyzed Dog's Reaction to Seeing Her Wheelchair Harness Makes Us So Happy

Video of a dog with special needs laying eyes on her wheelchair harness has us smiling from ear-to-ear. Little Rose has the best spirit and loves to be out and about, but the paralyzed pooch needs just a little help getting around. Enter her wheelchair, something that she knows and loves all too well. 

While there might not be a typical day for Rose, she definitely goes out for her daily walks. As can be seen on her TikTok page @cowgoesoverthemoon, the pup often goes out for a stroll in her chair — so it's not surprising that she got so darn excited when her owner recently walked towards her with her wheelchair harness in hand. "Paralyzed dog sees her wheelchair harness so she can walk," the video's caption reads. The look on Rose's face is absolutely everything. We've never seen a happier dog — watch for yourself!

So many people loved this video that it's since been watched over 4.5 million times. "Thanks for making me cry. What an angel," @streetlarue wrote in the comments section. "Everybody needs a dog. They show you how to love," @purplepepper3729 explained. "Stopppppp omg my heart is so full!!!!!!!!!! I have a disabled baby too! They are the best!" @courtneepedone1 chimed in. "I actually cried for that beautiful baby. Thank you for taking care of this baby," @coach.nnouf gushed. 

Of course, so many people wanted to see Rose using her wheelchair. Her owner later shared the best footage of the pup while out on a walk.

 "Ask and you shall receive!" she wrote in the caption.