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Video of Reunion Between Paralyzed Goat and Her Baby Is Sweet Yet Heartbreaking

Don't judge us too harshly for tearing up while watching the sweetest reunion between a mama goat and her baby. Croissant the goat was sadly paralyzed after contracting listeria, so her baby has been kept away. But now her owners have decided to let the kid see her mama. And seeing these two together might make you reach for the Kleenex. 

Croissant and her baby's story was shared by TikTok creator Jessica (@theferalden), who must've been touched when she saw the two together. 

"Nanny goat is paralyzed from from an illness," the video's text overlay reads. "So we decided to bring her baby to see her for the first time in a week," it continues. "Baby was so concerned and momma tried so hard to talk to her." 

"Momma contracted listeria and we are on day 12 of paralysis. She's making progress each day, but it is so hard to see her strain to regain strength and control," the caption states. 

People in the comments section were heartbroken. "I’m not crying, you’re crying," @_morgan1313 wrote. "Get better mama and keep fighting," @timothymccurry chimed in. "Hope mama recovers completely," @shortncrazy2 agreed. 

Sadly, a later post shared that Croissant ultimately succumbed to her condition. 

"She simply just lost the strength and could not continue to fight," her owner shared in the caption. "She was she a precious girl and will be greatly missed."

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