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Little Boy’s Reaction to Being Surprised With a Chocolate Lab Puppy Is So Heartwarming

Parents probably get bombarded with daily questions about when can the fam get a little furry friend. Because what kid doesn’t dream about having a puppy or kitten? Unfortunately, the constant asking doesn’t always end up in the child’s favor. Parents can say no, that it’s too much work, and the kids aren’t old enough yet. But then there are those lucky kids who get their wish granted! 

TikTok user @letitiagole's son has been asking and asking for a puppy, just like we've all done before! But unlike some of us, his begging finally paid off. His parents decided to surprise him with a Chocolate Lab puppy. In a clip that has over 1.5 million views, the little pup is sitting like a good boy, waiting for his future best friend to arrive. When their son finally comes around the corner, he sees his wish waiting for him. Both the little boy's reaction and the puppy's is the sweetest thing you'll see on your timeline!

Aww!! From just the first look both the boy and puppy knew they were made for each other. And the way they embrace each other is everything! Not only did the boy run to the pup, but the pup also ran to him! Ugh, so sweet!

"Love how the puppy bounces with excitement just like the boy," wrote @mudlife2018. There was so much excitement that it was more than just running for them both. Happy bounces all the way into each other's hearts! 

Another TikTok user, @Kiki Mitchell, said, “The puppy knew exactly who he was for.” Hey, when the heart knows, the heart knows! @travel_adventures81 added, “The way the dog chose your son. It’s his person ❤️.” The pup 100% chose their son! If their bond is already this strong, there is no stopping this adorable duo!