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Paris Hilton's Dog Hops on a Private Jet Like It's No Big Deal

There is no question that dogs of celebrities get a little spoiled. Hey, we would spoil our pets too if we could! But Paris Hilton puts her dogs in a whole other category of getting the special treatment. Talk about living the lifestyle of the rich and the famous! 

The Instagram account @hiltonpets posted a video on Instagram Sunday night of Hilton's little Chihuahua named Diamond Baby hoping onboard a private jet. "#DiamondBaby loves flying private 🛩 🐶" the Instagram caption says. Wouldn't we all love to fly private? Her legs are a little too small to jump up the large steps, so as the Hilton Princess she is, Diamond looks around to see who can carry her onboard.

As soon as Diamond is on the private jet, she hurries along like she owns it. The confidence is inspiring! "Only the finest for royalty😍🐕," said @lgrace118. This truly is an experience only for Hilton's dogs. And man are we jealous! @Petralyte added, "Ravishing❤️❤️." Private jets, special treatment. Seems like her dogs couldn't get anymore, right? Don't worry, there's plenty more of the royal treatment! 

Hilton's dogs are known for their lavish lifestyle and incredible fashion. Check out what her dog Diamond got for Fashion Week! 

@Sadieanne_xo commented, "Your dog has nicer clothes than I do 😂❤️," which is the sad truth for most of us! And then you can't forget about a new, hot pink car for the pups! 

Her dogs are the definition of "pet setters," as @ebencm wrote, and we can't wait to see what new trends they come up with. In the meantime, Paris, do you have room to add us as a pet too? We could get used to private jets and new clothes!