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Parrot Who Thinks She's a Dog Is Absolutely Impossible to Resist

For those of you working from home, you're probably familiar with the struggle of being online while there's a pet in the house. You have to mute yourself during meetings when your dog starts barking at something outside or when the squeaky toy starts going off. Plus, they never seem to leave you alone because all they want to do is play. Don't they know 9-5 is still work hours?! They might, but they don't care! 

One thing is for certain, this parrot doesn't care who's working or on the phone and TikTok user @theparrotlady captured that perfectly. The clip shows her parrot walking around the kitchen table like she owned the place. Someone was in the background on the phone, but the parrot didn't care. She was doing her dog impression and she wanted everyone to hear. We understand why, it's downright impressive!  

O.M.G. No, your ears didn't deceive you. That was definitely a barking parrot! LOL! The poor man in the video probably couldn't even hear the other person on the phone because there was so much racket happening. "Landlord: I told you a bird would be ok, but no dogs! 😂," commented @Tiny Marie. LOL! Honestly, with how real this bark sounds, we wouldn't be surprised if a landlord wanted that "dog" out of the house.

"He's so cute hopping around barking 😂," said @LielHoustan. Yeah, cute until you have to get work done. LOL! Just kidding, this birdie is adorable even with all the barking going on! @natkay77 wrote, "I want one of these so bad. I'd be like, 'Sorry my parrot's barking.'" HA! This has got to be the adult version of the 'Sorry my dog ate my homework,' excuse. And let's be real, would anyone take you seriously if you said that?! 

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