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Viral Video of Parrot Enjoying His Shower Is a Total Vibe

I think we can all agree that there's really nothing better than enjoying a long, hot shower at the end of a stressful day. (Am I right?) One special parrot on TikTok is also a huge fan of having a daily bathing session, as is evident in a new video from @morgremlin that's going viral with over 3.6 million views.

This sweet, beautiful bird's name is Stella, and even though Stella is traditionally a girl's name, it sounds like this parrot is actually a male. (According to someone in the comments who is familiar with the bird, he was named before the owners realized he was a boy. The owners do refer to Stella as "He.") In the clip, you'll see him hop into the shower, get on his little perch, and what happens next is just pure bliss on the part of this precious parrot. Stella is a whole vibe.

"He" really is such a good girl! The way he just stood there with his eyes closed, savoring each second of the water pouring over him... It really doesn't get much more adorable than that. People are totally here for this bird's relaxation. @Infrasight joked, "(S)he's showering like she had a hard day at work and she's winding down. 😂 I love it!" And @Megs added, "Look at her (him) living her best life." 

Stella is living the dream, indeed. And as calm as he was while taking that shower, it's safe to say that anyone who watched that video immediately felt the stress drain from their body as well. How could you not feel a little bit zen right along with this cute guy? On that note, let's go watch it one more time, shall we?