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Video of Parrot ‘Living His Best Life’ in the Shower Is Going Viral

There’s nothing quite like clearing your mind in the shower, letting the water fall on you, and washing off the day’s stress. It’s honestly the best part of the day. So how can humans love showers and baths so much but then our pets hate them with a burning passion? Maybe if we show our dogs an Amazon Parrot who digs showers, maybe they won’t give us such a tough time during a bath.

This bird is blowing up people’s timelines and going viral on TikTok, and the account just popped up four days ago! So get to the follow button ASAP because trust us, you don’t want to miss this happy bird. In a clip that has over 2.9 million views, @amazonmango was enjoying a lovely shower and truly “living his best life.” He must’ve felt like he was back in the rainforest with the water trickling down. Watch what he does to show how much he’s enjoying it.

Aww, we LOVE Mango! This is clearly just the beginning of stardom for this shower-loving, photogenic bird, especially with how quickly TikTok users flocked to this account. We can’t get over the happy walk and twirls he does. And did you see him trying to catch the “rain” in his beak?! So cute! 

"This is a whole new twist on rainforest! Lmao 🤣," commented @Angelique Ka'blez. And Mango is very much enjoying the new twist! "You can take the bird out of the Amazon, but you can't take the Amazon out of the bird," said @MOOMOO.  

And we can’t forget about how nice he was when he realized that he was being recorded. He came right on over and said hello! Wouldn’t we all be screaming if someone was filming us?! Guess Mango is just that confident! “Wow clean and friendly 💯 so adorable,” wrote @Estella3266. Two great traits in one adorable video, no wonder he got famous so quickly! “Mango has such a big personality 😂 I love him,” added @Optimal Avian. We all love Mango, and we’re patiently waiting for more videos!