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Family Throws Parrot a Gender Reveal Party and It's Even Better Than It Sounds

Gender reveal parties are all the rave these days. An expecting couple hosts all their closest family and friends to reveal the sex of their baby. Sometimes they do this by popping open a can and colored smoke comes out. Other times it's as simple as cutting into a cake with the inside revealing pink or blue. What we haven't seen though is a gender reveal party for something that's already living...  

TikTok user @mimigirllllll's family has a 43-year-old parrot and all this time they thought the parrot was a male. But the last time they took this parrot to the doctor, the vet questioned its gender. This led to them getting a gender reveal test to just be sure and then, of course, a gender reveal party. At what looked like the coolest party of the year, all the party guests were making guesses for what they believed the gender was by rocking either pink or blue post-it notes on their heads. Then they all gathered around the table for the big reveal. One person cut into the cake and the result had everyone speechless! What's your guess?!

O.M.G. This is by far the best gender reveal party we've ever seen. The party got everyone involved from guessing the gender to gathering around the cake and the parrot. And everyone was truly excited! 

You can just tell it's a family of good vibes. That's why we are wondering exactly what @mmickeyb567 asked, "How do I apply to be a part of this family?" LOL! We'd come to a parrot gender reveal party with this family in a heartbeat! "The fact that so many people came to a living bird's gender reveal says a lot about how much they love that bird😂," added @Tylyn Michelle. It's true! 

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You can see that everyone was so shocked but did you take a look at the parrot's reaction? We think she was more surprised than the rest of them. LOL! @granaadoss wrote, "Even the bird was like 'Ain’t no way.'” HA! She couldn't believe it herself! @cole_petr said, "The parrot waiting 43 years to reveal the biggest plot twist of all time." You'd think that maybe in those 43 years she would've laid an egg or something? Or another vet would've said something? That's what TikTok users are wondering. But hey, maybe she just wanted to keep us all on the edge of our seats! 

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