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Parrot's Hilarious Imitation of the Snapchat Sound Is Completely Spot-On

Can someone please turn off their notification sounds? Oh wait... never mind. It's just the Parrot Apollo back at it again with his tricks! In that case, we don't mind his constant notifications going off. In fact, it's pretty darn impressive! This intelligent bird has found a way to mimic the Snapchat sound, and we're amazed. His imitation is so spot on that we almost thought it was our phone going off!

TikTok user @apolloandfrens shares videos of Apollo talking, performing imitations, and playing. The video of him making the Snapchat sound has over 1.2 million views and 251.9K likes. Apollo is creating his own version of speech and well, we're in love! He has a whole set of dictionary words down. These include orange, pistachio, hug and block. There's nothing Apollo can't do that won't amaze us! 

Did you think you were receiving a message when you listened to this video? Because we sure did! "I actually thought I was receiving a Snapchat notification 😂," wrote @AngelicClarice. It was hard to not double check your phone for a potential missed notification! 

Apollo kept going with the imitation, too. "Someone seems to get a bunch of Snapchat notifications 😂," commented @Hannah/Bunny. "Why is he getting so many notifications...😳," added @paaaatryk. Maybe it's Apollo himself getting all the love and notifications?

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"Impressive, you gotta love when birds learn a sound just to prank their owners," wrote @Cursed painting. We would lose our minds if we had a bird that kept tricking us, but we would also love it! How could you not? 

He recently even spoke with a spam caller without the caller even knowing! "LMAOOO bro said, 'Hello sir' to a bird 😭," wrote @T. You have to check it out! 

Can we borrow Apollo to answer our spam calls, too?! 

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