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Parrot's Jealous Reaction to Mom's Human Child Is Cracking People Up

Jealousy can slip into our veins here and there. It's a normal part of being human. We might be jealous of the better treatment our parents give to our younger sibling or even jealous of a cool outfit our friend just bought. But what about the pets in our life. Do you ever think they get jealous of others? 

If you answered no, you'll need to reconsider after watching this clip from TikTok user @louie_the_k9cop. As it turns out, this family parrot named Skittles is extremely jealous of the mom's human child. A recent clip shows the mom trying to put Skittles back in her cage while the human son was out and about in the kitchen. But Skittles was NOT having it. She immediately leaves the cage furiously. Watch what Skittles does to make sure the family knows her stance on the son! 

LOL! Skittles definitely couldn't hide her jealousy. She wanted the son out of there so the mom could focus solely on Skittles. Sounds like someone is an attention hog! Doesn't Skittles know that moms love all their children, human or not, equally?! 

"Skittles said, 'There can only be one and it's me,'" commented @bond_bridgette. LOL! Skittles apparently decided that without consulting anyone. Guess it's her world and they're all just living in it! And that's clearly true from this video because Skittles got her way! @loveyboo08 added, "She's like ya that's what I thought😂."  

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Several TikTok users were sharing their experiences with jealous birds. @user1837805457473 said, "When I was a teenager my bf’s bird would do this to me. It was attached to him and hated me 😂😂." We never knew jealousy was a trait in birds but now we know. LOL! 

P.S. Don't worry, the creator said the son and bird were just playing and it was her son who was calling the bird over to him!

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