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Parrot's Hysterical Noises Have People Crying With Laughter

When you work with animals, we're sure you see some pretty weird things. But sometimes the animals really do make you laugh with their antics. Just like two employees did at Petland Norwin in Norwin, Pennsylvania. The two couldn't stop cracking up over the noises that a parrot at their location was making. The chatty bird named Paco got them so riled up that they could barely focus on their work!

The parrot only came in for a wing and nail trim, but left the office completely in stitches. The bird is off-screen in the footage from @petlandnht but his boisterous laughter had the human employees cracking up. One of the technicians was laughing so hard she started crying. We guess he must have a lot of laughter in his home! You need to hear how loud his laughter is. It sounds just like someone who is trying to keep it together, but can't.

Finally the other technician tells Paco to cool it so that they could get some actual work done, but we just know the employees went home and told their loved ones about the bird who made them laugh. 

The comments section was also laughing at Paco's imitation. "It’s obvious that Paco is surrounded by a lot of laughter and affection in his home," @mackadoosmom wrote. "It took me waaaay too long to realize it was the bird laughing," @courtneyslynn admitted. "The fact that this bird knows how to imitate the sound of someone trying to say something while not being able to catch their breath is hilarious," @argonaut83 chimed in. 

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Paco's owners clearly treat him with a lot of love and laughter. What a clown!

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