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Video of Parrot Ratting the Cat Out for Bad Behavior Is Priceless

Most people know about parrots' ability to repeat what they hear--or "talk," but have you ever seen a parrot tattle? Buckle in and grab the popcorn, because this clip of @cosmothefunnyparot is going to take you for a ride!

Yep, this sassy girl decided to snitch on her fur sibling after the cat knocked a few things over. As if the act itself wasn't funny enough, though, Cosmo's particular word choice has TikTok dying of laughter. You'll have to see--or rather, hear it to believe it for yourself. This African Gray Parrot too funny!

Oh. My. Goodness. What a snitch! Not only did she rat out her feline brother by name, but she totally offered to punish him, too. And that swear!

"Told you [s]he was going to spill the beans on you talking like that 😂," @ordinary.average.guy commented on the video. LMAO! That's true--Cosmo would've had to learn everything she says from somewhere (or someone). Keeping the cat in line must be a full-time job at that house!

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Finally--someone asking what we all want to know: "Does the cat listen? Mine never do!" @mankermunk continued. "Lol it would be so cool if it listens to Cosmo 😅!" It would be cool, but unfortunately, that's not quite how it goes.

"No Saber don't give a damn about anything," replied @cosmothefunnyparrot. "He will look at you in the eyes and push something over purposely. looking to see what your reaction is." What a stinker! No wonder even the parrot tells him off sometimes. 

Still, we can't help but feel like Cosmo is enjoying this more than she should be. Commenter @lisapartridge592 also noticed "that giggle!!😂" from the bird after she threatened to smack her brother, but we'd be lying if we said it didn't get a chuckle out of us, too. Clearly--with as big as this video is getting--we aren't the only ones!

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