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Kind Couple Rescues Bird After the Hurricane and Vow to Care for Him Until Owners Are Found

The world might seem like a scary, unpredictable place sometimes, but there are kind people out there who will go out of their way to help others--whether they're human or animal! TikToker @lifeof_lo's generous in-laws are some of those people. They rescued a baby Alexandrian Parakeet that they found the day after Hurricane Ian, and the Internet couldn't be more grateful.

Though they're still in search of the bird's true owner, we know he's in fantastic hands until that happens. Please help us share to locate this beautiful parakeet's family!

Aw, we love how well they're caring for this bird, especially considering he isn't even their pet! We can only imagine how thankful his owner will be when they find out where he's been. 

"I love this ❤️," agreed commenter @kristenminer1. "When you lose a pet you don’t have to assume the worst. Someone out there could be loving em for you." That's so true! We can only hope someone as kind as @lifeof_lo's in-laws would come across our fur babies should anything ever happen. It's an unthinkable thing, but, as we've seen in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, it does happen. 

"Hi birdie!" @happilyeversafter2020. "He’s so lucky to have you until his owners are found. I hope his owners are ok 🥺." OMG, right? Not only are they separated from their feathered friend, but they're also living through the devastation. The least we can do is help them find one another! 

Just as @suell126 suggested, @lifeof_lo and her in-laws will be visiting local avian vets as soon as they open. They're such dedicated rescuers!

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