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Parrot's Intelligent Comment After Seeing Birds Outside Is Pretty Darn Impressive

Birds are so much smarter than we give them credit for — especially parrots. We mean, come on! They freakin' know how to talk! Take a look at one African Grey Parrot on TikTok named Cosmo, who recently attracted a lot of attention online for being extra chatty and tell us that you don't think birds are the smartest animals on the planet.

Cosmo seems to always have something on her mind, as can be seen on her TikTok page @cosmothefunnyparrot. But it was her commentary while looking outside one day that caused a lot of buzz. "She looks outside at the birds and says..." the text overlay reads. 

"Look at the bird outside out there," Cosmo says in the footage. "It's hot out there," she adds. Awww, Cosmo cares! 

The video has since been watched over 700,000 times and it's clear that people online were astonished. "So intelligent. I always thought they just repeated words but she forms sentences that makes sense??" @molliiee__ wrote. "Can't get over her vocabulary, she puts my guys to shame," @elizalouwho commented. "Basically she's saying they're crazy cause she's nice and cool?" @lannatexasgal joked. "Bring that bird inside, grab us a few beers," @sonyarowley7 teased. 

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Cosmo has gone viral on the internet before. In another recent video on her page, she got a lot of attention for the hilarious way she told her mom that she needs to change her water. 

What a smarty pants!

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