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Parrot Who Sings Along to 'Hotel California' Is Blowing Everyone's Minds

There's musical, and then there's this Amazon parrot named Tico. He and his human dad Frank have been sharing their jam sessions on TikTok since 2021 (and on YouTube since 2020) under the band name Tico and the Man. We're shocked they don't have a record contract yet--this is one seriously talented bird!

For Tico, viral videos aren't unusual, but his most recent has rock fans of all ages appreciating his skill and music taste. As Frank picks out the guitar line to 'Hotel California' by the Eagles, Tico really starts to feel the music. You'll have to see for yourself!

Don't you just love this little dude's energy? He is a true music lover--as is his talented dad, of course--and it shines right through. Naturally, he already has flocks of fans showing their love in the comments, and you can add us to the list!

"[H]e’s even singing in the right key 😂 omg," @halocam18 said. Right? It's so impressive the way this bird can manipulate his voice. Impressive and so much fun! Just like @foolishmortal18 added, "🎵Who’s a pretty BIIIIIIRRDDD?!!!! I’m a pretty BIIIIIRRD!!!! 🎵 those lyrics are AMAZING!! [h]e is so smart and talented!!!" 

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Not only is Tico's singing accurate AF, but it's filled with the personality and feeling that makes music so personal. "[H]e digs deep for that emotional story," @samflowers82 said. "Incredible." He really, really is.

"Birds are such special souls," wrote @callieodom2. "So many people don’t understand the love they have to give and their zest for life." We think Tico is the perfect teacher for this lesson--how could anyone resist the pure joy this guy brings to every song? It reminded @trueblueindigo of "that one old woman behind you in church," and when we say we are still laughing, that's an understatement. That's such a spot-on image!

Everything about this clip is memorable, to say the least. Commenter @maphisto90 captured the moment perfectly, as the time when "the Eagles became the parrots." LMAO!

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