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Parrots Cuddle Up to Human Dad at Bedtime in Video We Can't Get Enough Of

Our favorite bedtime birdies are back, but this time, they're all grown up! If you remember, we wrote about an adorable TikTok video from user @johandevenier who tucked his baby parrots into bed. Then down the line, he kissed them goodnight. That video was only posted in March and now, the parrots are huge! We never knew birds could grow so quickly. 

In his latest video, he's once again getting the parrots ready for bedtime. Their routine starts with him snuggling them and of course, tons of kisses. Then, just like they did when they were little, they are lined up in a row on the bed. He says his normal, "I love mah babies" before giving them each one more kiss. You can just see from their faces how much they love him back!  

Aww! We love this happy little family. And clearly, so does the rest of the internet. The video already has over 1.2 million views within the last day. "My heart melts when I see these adorable babies❤️❤️," commented one user. "Those birds just stayed all tucked in... 😂 precious," added @Marsha Novak. Why aren't bedtimes with kids this easy?!  

Please tell us you saw the two of the birds that were already passed out when he went down the line to give each parrot a kiss?! It must have been a fun, jam-packed day! Plus, having all those siblings can really tire you out. 

Another commenter, @lena.forthewin asked a very important question. She wrote, "Do you have a favorite? Be honest😁." LOL. He responded by saying, "Hahahahaha I don't but they do. Hunter and Lane are madly in love with me. They always run to me for a hug first 😁." We think they're all madly in love with him! Maybe Hunter and Lane are just the fastest and get to him first, ha!