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Florida Rescue's Video of Partially-Blind Senior Dog Who Arrived From Tampa Has Us in Our Feelings

It is heartbreaking to see dogs that have been abused and neglected suffer further in shelters. Sometimes in shelters, animals live in sad conditions and don't receive the care and attention they need. One rescue worker came across a dog like this in a kill shelter and decided to save him by bringing him to the pet rescue they work for.

True and Faithful Pet Rescue Mission is a rescue located in Venice, Florida dedicated to saving senior dogs from kill shelters. They recently shared a video on their TikTok account, @trueandfaithful, of one of their most recent rescues, a Maltese mix named Peter. This pup was brought to them by a volunteer from Tampa, Florida, and in bad condition. Check out the video to see Peter's story and help him get adopted!

Oh my goodness, this poor pup has been through quite the ordeal! We're so happy Peter was saved by this rescue that was willing to dedicate the time and resources to healing his injuries and cleaning him up. This sweet pup definitely deserves the love and care he is receiving at True and Faithful!

People in the comments are loving Peter! @jillibeanfl said, "Peter is FABULOUS! Poor little fella, he's so doggone sweet." Another user, @dioweo commented, "Peter is the goodest boy ever." There's just so much to love about this wonderful dog!

Others were grateful to the rescue for helping Peter and all of their other dogs. @helenm8956 commented, "Peter and Lucy are so adorable, thank you for helping them! I’m praying for them both!" and @goochhgobbler said, "Poor, sweet baby. Thank you guys so much for saving him, you have such amazing souls." As animal lovers, we love and appreciate everything rescues like True and Faithful for helping these amazing dogs.

We're glad that Peter was found by such a great rescue worker and is being given the opportunity to show potential adopters why he would be a great addition to their families. We know there is a loving family out there for him!

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