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Video of Beach Goers Rescuing a Pelican Is Unbelievable

It was another normal, summer day at the beach for TikTok user @salty.and.sunkissed and her husband. They were enjoying the sunshine and water when something caught her husband's attention. He made his way over to see what it was. And once he saw what it was, he jumped right into action to help.

As it turns out, he found a pelican in distress. The poor bird was tangled up in a fishing line. Ugh, so sad! He didn't hesitate to help the pelican, even though the pelican was making it a little difficult. The pelican was snapping at him to keep him away. Luckily, another person come over and started to help. Together they worked on getting him untangled from the fishing line. The result is simply beautiful.  

Wow! We're so glad they were there to help free this bird. It took quite some time to cut that line away from the pelican, which makes us think that he would've never been free if it wasn't for these people. "Poor guy, so happy y'all were there to help him ❤️," said @forgottencoastjewels. So are we! They were not only heroes that day, but the kindest rescuers. As @Deanna Moreau pointed out, "Your husband patting his head 😭 so sweet." And he kept reassuring the pelican that everything was going to be alright. Ugh, our hearts! 

"I love how calm he was once he realized you were helping," commented @mightysparky. Right?! We can only imagine how scared the bird was at first. We would've been too between getting tangled and strange humans coming toward you. Thankfully, the pelican realized they were just trying to help.

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@two.wolves wrote, "Awe that felt so good flapping his wings." We don't know how long the pelican's poor wings were bound together in the fishing line, but we can't imagine it being comfortable at all. It was probably the best feeling ever to spread his wings. And it's all thanks to these kind humans. He's free at last!

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