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Woman's Reaction to Having a Penguin at Her Wedding Is Simply Irresistible

If you ask anyone that's planned a wedding, we bet they'll tell you how stressful it can be. From narrowing down your guest list to finding the best photographer, there are so many details that need to be perfect. Although, some of the best parts of a wedding are the little surprises, which can include a special musical performance or a gift to each other. But after watching this video, you'll want an animal surprise at your wedding.  

An event planner, known as @angelaspremierevents on TikTok, filmed the best surprise we've ever seen at a wedding. It's no wonder this clip is going viral in the first few days with over 2.2 million views. The newlywed couple was enjoying their wedding day at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio, and while walking to a certain area, an unexpected guest showed up. He was even all dressed up for the occasion! This is one surprise that will be hard to beat!   

O.M.G. Never have we thought to have a penguin at our wedding but now this is a MUST! The bride's reaction is exactly how we'd react too. Ok well, we'd probably be screaming a bit more because of how cute the little fella is! And the restraint she had from not petting the penguin is very impressive. 

"The bar has just been raised to an all-new high," commented @Rebecca Harper412. Right?! Every wedding planner is now going to be getting penguin requests. @katie_seelow added, "I only want penguins at my wedding and maybe some dogs. Definitely no humans." Now that's our kind of party! And we guess she means no groom either? LOL! 

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TikTok users are commenting on what was going through the penguin's mind. "The lil thing was like, 'You look pretty,'" wrote @baby_bex20. And he really ran up to tell her that! @arwensmom0106 said, "And I'm wearin' my best suit too!!!!! 🐧." We told you the penguin got all dressed up for the occasion! The wedding planner wrote in the comments, "She literally said this was the BEST part of her day!! Good thing the groom was prepared for it!" Aww! It would be the best part of anyone's wedding! 

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