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Video of Penguin Running to Get His Morning Cuddles Is Downright Precious

Who hasn't always secretly wished that they could hug a penguin. We mean, come on! That would be so cool! So we're totally jealous of one woman on TikTok, who not only got to hang with some penguins recently, but was even there for a morning cuddle sesh. 

We know that once you see the video, you'll be just as envious as we are. Shared by TikTok creator Eden Willmott (@edenwillmott), the video shows one of the penguin as it sprints over to get in a quick snuggle. "Barney coming over for morning cuddles," the video's text overlay reads. He's so cute. It would be so much easier to get up in the morning if we had Barney around. Watch the video below and see how much love he gives to this TikToker.

"Barney is my best friend," Willmott wrote in the caption. 

The video has since been watched almost 600,000 times and so many people online were in love with Barney. "That is absolutely amazing, I'd go in work early just to do that," @markcrosswaite wrote. "OMG!!! The waddle and hops!!! I want one so badly," @tiffanydeangelis043 exclaimed. "BRB making a Barney fan account," @ellawillmott4 joked. "Aw bless you little Barney we all love you," @simonwilliams66492 chimed in.

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Later in the thread, Willmott shared that she gets to hang with Barney as part of his job. And she had the coolest answer when one commenter asked what a penguin feels like. "He has just finished his molt so he’s super soft," she wrote. 

See! This is exactly why we're jealous. Thank goodness we can live vicariously through videos like these.

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