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Video of Group of Penguins Taking a Little Stroll Is the Cutest Thing We've Seen All Day

Fair warning before you watch this reposted clip from TikTok user @adventureul because it'll be very hard to hold in your squeals from all the cuteness! Now, we probably all know just how adorable penguins are, but we promise you this video puts them in a whole new ballgame. 

You first see the group of penguins walking down the hallway. Well, more like wobbling down the hallway. LOL! As they were strolling along, they were met with an obstacle - the stairs. But don't worry, that didn't stop them. They kept moving right along and in the cutest way possible. This clip will make anyone want to see these strutting penguins in person! 

Stop it! How cute are these penguins?! They were just wobbling away and hopping down those stairs like they're masters, which we totally think they are! "This gave me all the serotonin I needed today," wrote @sidsquid08. Honestly, this is enough serotonin to last us all week! "I would feel so honored to be in their presence!!!" said @Inkdbella. It would be like you're in the presence of celebrities! 

This video brought TikTok users back to every movie that had penguins in it. "Just smile and wave and wave," commented @Patrick Den Engelse. LOL! They're definitely giving off the cool kid vibes from this video. "Wooow, I thought this was a scene from Happy Feet 😂😭," added @tiktokbydyln. For us it was! We're beyond happy from watching this clip!

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"Lol my dog isn't even that graceful going down the stairs," wrote @eletrikhellfire. LOL! We don't know of any animal that would be this graceful walking downstairs. These penguins are like runway models, walking their way right into our hearts!

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