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Viral Video of Excited Penguins Running to Get Their Dinner Is Too Cute to Resist

After a long day at work, what we look forward to most is a delicious dinner, preferably served by someone else. These awesome penguins got exactly that after a long day of looking adorable at the zoo.

TikTok user @zookeepertanner recently posted a video from work that showcases a typical day in the life as a zookeeper. In the video, the creator opens the door and a stampede of small penguins come rushing into the room for dinner time. The tippy tap of their webbed feet on the concrete floor is just too adorable. Check out all the cuteness in the video below!

OMG, these guys are too cute! It is so great how excited they were for dinner, and that last little guy to come straggling in was cool as a cucumber.

The people in the comments of the video couldn't believe how great this video is, and many were enthralled by the tapping of the feet just like we were. @darrikins_ said, "The tippy taps are divine," and @anndanz commented, "I just love that sound!!!" We agree, this was such an unexpectedly wonderful aspect of the video!

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Others cracked a few penguin jokes. @bxarbie_ commented, "The last one was like 'Da hell y'all running for?'" and @b_e_an___ said, "Smile and wave boys, smile and wave," in reference to a line said by Skipper, a popular penguin character in the animated film Madagascar. There's no shortage of good comments to make for such an adorable and funny video!

These little guys deserve all the fish for being so well behaved at dinner time.

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