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Video of Cockatoo Demanding 'Back Scratches' From Dad Is LOL Funny

Although most pets can't use their words to ask for attention, many species of 'talking' birds can. As you can imagine, this makes communication quite interesting--even when the message is crystal clear, you never know just what they're going to say!

As for Penny the cockatoo, who is a total Daddy's girl at heart, politeness isn't quite her forté. Still, her requests--nay, demands-- for Dad's back scratches have TikTok LOLing. She's one chatty girl who's out to get what she wants! 

We're so glad her mama posted this hilarious moment to her account, @pennythecockatoo. She's just too funny! We can't help but wonder how Dad feels about her little obsession. 

LMAO! Penny is too much, yet we simply cannot get enough of her attitude. And we're not the only ones!

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"Penny I just love your sassiness 🥰🥰🥰," @turtlette49 wrote in the comments. "Her n Daddy 👨 😍 ♥ so cute 😍 She knows everything lol 😆." She seriously is one smart bird! Clearly, she listens to a lot that goes on around her if she's using language that, but nothing will top her love for her dad.

"I'm not saying he prefers daddy😏 But where's daddy😂," said @rachelannmarieher. Right? Penny can act like she doesn't play favorites all she wants, but now her mama has undeniable video evidence. 

Just listen to how often she mentions Dad and insults Mom! We think @1111blondie said it best when she said, "Mom's never get appreciated 🤣 it's always Dad Dad Dad!" How much do you want to bed that this bird's mama can relate? 

Even so, it's oh-so-worth the time and effort you give to your pets, isn't it? Nothing beats seeing them happy and full of personality...even if they use it to ask for Dad! 

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