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People Are Going Wild for a Cool Creation a Woman Makes From Her Cat’s Hair

Have you been looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for the cat lover in your life? Well, look no further than the incredible creations one woman is making, all using her cat’s hair. The TikToker from Switzerland recently stunned over 18 million people with her DIY project and we’d have to agree. It’s just so cool!

This is a good project if you’ve ever wondered what to do with all that fallen cat hair around the house. Or you could do what @leo_travelcat does after she gave her cat Terry a good brushing. The TikTok creator took Terry’s hair and crafted them into teeny, tiny cat boots. Yes, really! The whole process is pretty incredible and we love the special decoration she gave them too. 

So many people wrote in to the comments section after watching the mom's video. "Omg I need these," @tanyalharris wrote. "This is the best," @chronicallyillandfab agreed. "Ah my gawd this is way too sweet for words," @campabino chimed in. "What a great IDEA," @i_fell.again exclaimed. "Could’ve ended the video with it modeling," @chano808 suggested.

While other people thought she was going to go in a different direction completely. "I thought you were making a game controller," @nana_thepeanut explained. "Why is this so funny?! Also I thought you were making an Xbox controller at first. Your end result is so much better," @drivewithme_vanbc praised.

It's clear that @leo_travelcat is one talented person. And maybe next time she'll make Terry a second pair of booties for humans— you know, just in case.