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Man's Video of What It Would Be Like 'If People Got Into Bed Like Dogs' Is Going Viral

Every dog has a personality all their own, but that's what makes them so special. Still, there are some habits and behaviors that are common among most--if not all--dogs, and those can be pretty darn funny, too. Just ask this hilarious dog dad who imitated his pup's bedtime routine!

Brian Benson and his yellow Labrador Retriever, Magnus, are known for their comedic TikToks, but this one on their page, @magnusthetherapydog, has us howling. It's just Brian pretending to get into bed like a dog, but the result is oh-so-funny. 

LMAO! Not only is that relatable AF--we see our pups get into bed like this every day--but it's funny AF, too! Magnus is lucky to have a comedian for a dad. 

"Doggo is the only adult in this room," viewer @afa.the.funny wrote in the comment section. We guess you could put it that way! At the very least, that's what Magnus's facial expressions seemed to be saying. @CoopandValis said, "He apparently approved." That's how we read his stoicism as well! If anything, the face kisses at the end gave his feelings away.

"He said it’s totally acceptable behavior," agreed @cee_3b. We think nearly every pup would approve! If we're being totally honest, though, we're a little tempted to try this for ourselves. It does look like it could be satisfying!

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