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Cat’s Hilarious Attempt to Scare Her Mom Has People Cracking Up

Who says cat's don't like to play? Cats are extra-playful, whether that be when messing around with their cat toys or batting around things in the house. Or possibly your pet is like one cat on TikTok named Banjo, who went viral while trying to play a trick on her mama. "Spooky scary!" the TikTok creator joked in the video's caption.

The whole thing was caught on camera and shared by TikTok creator @honkhonktiddiebitch. The footage shows the TikTok creator as she's about to turn a corner in her house. "I sure hope nobodies trying to scare me while I leave the bathroom," she an be heard saying from off-screen. She then zooms in on a pair of eyes hiding around the corner. Welp, that doesn't seem likely. You'll have to watch for yourself to see exactly what happens, but it's so cute! 

The footage has been watched almost 900,000 times and people couldn't help but crack up. "I'm gonna get her so good," @shyydust wrote, as if reading Banjo's mind. “Any second now and she’s done gone get got," @deathtiddies teased. "I think you're safe," @dreamexpert joked. "YOU LET HIM SCARE YOU RIGHT NOW," @willmarch1 demanded. 

While other people shared that their cat loves to hide too. "My cat hides behind the Shop-Vac any time we walk across our basement. we have to pretend we don't see her so she can jump out and 'scare' us," @speleho commented. "My cat does that to me every night, it’s super cute," @midnightarticuno chimed in. "Haha so it’s not just my cat!" @dancing.matilda exclaimed. 

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And another commenter had a completely different response: "I wish I could send this to my cat," @dearviolet wrote. 

We get it, we really do!

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