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Man Makes Epic Cat Wall for His Bengal That Has People Obsessed

There's pretty much nothing we wouldn't do for our pets, so we totally got where TikTok creator @nickisnotgreen was coming from with the incredible cat wall he had installed at his house. To say that the social media star attracted a little attention for his genius creation is a bit of an understatement and we're positive his Bengal cat Bambi was a fan of it too. 

The TikToker recently shared the final results of his project and we must admit we're totally impressed. "I just finished the cat wall," he said in the footage. "From the scratching post to the stairs, to the platform," he explained while giving a tour. The cat wall even included a bridge, double platforms that his cat can drop through, a peg that Bambi can use to leap into "his little house," — and yes more stairs.  Of course, the real test was to see what Bambi thought of the new set-up and by his reaction we think he absolutely loved it. "Look at this little monster," @nickisnotgreen joked.

People in the comments section were plain old jealous. "Bro I’m obsessed I need to do this???!!!? How much does something like this run a gal like me," @cozytaurus wondered. "It's like the wall of hot wheels they showed on TV commercials that everyone wanted but no one could feasibly afford," @heynowyoureakeemstar joked. "That’s so cool I wish I was a cat," @coopnoop21 added. "I wanna make this for my cats so bad. Bambi is one lucky boy," @disc0.queen added.

Out of curiosity we wonder if they make this for humans. Asking for a friend, of course.