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Persian Cat's Cute Reaction to Mom Returning After a Night Away Is the Best

If a pet parent seems a little too excited to go home, don't feel offended--home is where their fur babies are! Even if a pet is still a bit angry about being left alone, that 'welcome home' is just too sweet to resist. That's why this video of a precious kitty's reaction is too cute and relatable! 

@Teeny.kini is one precious Munchkin Persian Cat, and she had a lot to say when her mama came home from a night away. As you've probably guessed--TikTok is just loving her! 

OMG, what a talkative kitty! It took all of five seconds for us to fall in love with her, so we get why this video went viral. Kini is such a sassy girl, but we can tell how much she missed her mama. 

"She is so cute," wrote viewer @omnia_omne. "Don't ever leave her again." We came to the very same conclusion! Kini's reaction literally says it all, even if she's trying to act angry about her mum's absence.

We just loved @elle.295's comment, which said, "it’s an angry cloud," beside an adoring, wide-eyed emoji face. That's exactly what Kini is! With her fluffy white coat and tiny legs, she must be compared to a cloud quite often. Just look at the comments!

"I WANT THE CLOUD PLEASE," said @001_hoe. We know what you mean! If we could somehow reach through our phone screen to give her a pat, we totally would. She's such a unique, beautiful kitty! And those chirps? They're to die for! 

@Mayathelioness wrote, "Aaawwweeeee most adorable little fur ball." We think that sums this video up pretty perfectly!

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