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Pet Camel's Reaction to His Favorite Human Coming Home Is Going Viral

Forget about having your dogs greet you every time you walk in the door. There's a new welcome crew on the block and trust us, it's way better. Thanks to TikTok user @crazyzebraandanimallady, we've now found the exact pet we want next in our homes. And we promise you it's one that no one will expect. That's probably why her recent video has over 6.2 million views in one day! 

The clip starts out with her opening the front door to her home. For anyone with pets, you know that once you open that door, your four-legged friends come running. So when she opened the door in the video, her dog did exactly what you'd expect. The husky came sprinting toward her. There was another animal right behind that you might think is a dog at first. You'll quickly realize that this animal is way bigger than a dog and it definitely doesn't run like a dog. LOL! But it's still so cute that you'll be begging to have one in your home too. 

Stop it! That's SO cool! A pet camel? Never in our lives have we ever heard that, but now that we did, we need one. And we need one immediately! 

"I spent 6 seconds trying to figure out what kind of dog that was🤨," wrote @thesavorysuitcase. LOL! You're definitely not the only one. What else would one expect? She already had one dog running toward her, so we assumed it was another one! @rebeljess83 said, "Got a desert puppy and a snow puppy. 😂." What else could one need?! 

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TikTokers are loving this unusual four-legged pet, as are we! Others are LOLing at the fact that this animal screams rich. @mayamoonv_v commented, "🧐 What in the higher tax bracket is going on?" HA! We don't care how much a pet camel will cost us, we want one! 

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