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Video of Toddler Chillin' on the Couch With Her Pet Chicken Is #Goals

We are always jealous of pet owners who have domestic chickens. They just seem like super fun, chill, and even affectionate pets. These birds are going on our pet ownership wish list, but until then we have this adorable video of a precious toddler girl and her best ever TV watching buddy to amuse us. 

TikTok user @Charbonner8 posted this sweet video that's going viral with over 490 comments! Just watch and you'll see why. 

Awwww, we want a sofa chicken! @Georgia123xxl comments, "Just a girl and her chicken bless her." @Carrie27 posts, "The chicken looks more than happy to be there and your little girl looks pleased as can be having her there." @Terrieleigh adds, "This chicken belongs exactly where he she is - wherever your daughter is! Beautiful bond between them!" 

It's all just too sweet. We'd love nothing more than snuggling on a sofa and watching TV with a pet chicken. Just umm.. no cooking shows. 

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