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Floofy Cow Loves Chin Scratches More Than We Love Anything

There's nothing more relaxing than having your back scratched. Or, if you're an animal, having any part of you scratched. Anyone who has a pet dog or cat knows how much animals love to be petted and groomed, or in the case of @Wildrootsfarm, anyone with a cow can tell you the same. 

Just look at beautiful baby Fern getting her chin scratched and just try not to get totally relaxed watching this cute video! 

There's just something so soothing about this! @candyluna agrees, typing "I just love your videos. so cute and calming." @Marlenespino wishes she could spend some time with Fern posting "So beautiful. I've always wanted to pet a cow and have never had the chance." @jenneandbella noticed a precious part of Fern and added "Those little teeth!" 

It's too cute how much she enjoys having her chin brushed, we could watch her enjoy this all day! 

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