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Pet Crow Has Sneaky and Smart Way of Getting Her Treats

Sure, dogs and cats are smart animals but have you ever seen a crow problem-solve? They're amazing! They are known to be intelligent—capable of using tools, recognizing human faces, and even understanding physics—and some researchers believe crows may rival apes for smarts.

Just ask the fine people at @Darkwingswildlife, who can probably tell you all about how smart crows are. Just look at what clever Trixie does when she wants to get her yummy treats out of her Kong toy.

Trixie found a loophole to thaw her frozen food! We love her! @mfduitsman agrees with the smart assessment and writes "Most people also don't know that crows can learn to speak. It's just rare because they have limited human interaction." @user2007713365093 adds "She is one step away from microwaving her own Hot Pocket." LOL! @Raymond says "I watched a crow surf on a piece of wood in a puddle once. It was having so much fun doing it over and over." 

Now, if you'll excuse us, we are off to our own backyards to see if we can make friends with one of these fascinating creatures!

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