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Video of Woman Walking With Her Pet Duck in Los Angeles Is Going Viral

We know you've been there before, walking down the road when the most adorable dog passes you by. You can't help yourself but sequel squeal with excitement before asking to pet the dog. Or maybe you see someone out walking their cat. You do a double take because you can't believe what you're seeing. But at this point, it's not that unusual. It's what TikTok user @akanemsko saw that really got us freaking out. 

She was out hiking near Los Angeles when she saw something in the distance. Is that, is that a pet duck walking? She must be seeing things because there's no way! But nope, her eyes didn't deceive her. We know people have pet ducks, but never have we seen one out on the trails. Even after watching this video, you won't believe it! 

O.M.G. To say we're obsessed is the understatement of the year. Because come on, have you ever seen something like this?! This person was really out walking their duck. A duck! The duck even had on its own walking socks on to protect his feet. LOL! And that's not the only cool style he was rocking. 

@MrBugz commented, "The duck has some good style though." Ain't that the truth! He's a style icon. And this duck is definitely way ahead of us with the hairstyle trends! @sup_alyssa added, "Guy has better hair than me." LMAO! Who is his stylist? We need to make an appointment asap. 

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"The way it waddles 😭," said @katbellsaurus. It's so cute we can't even! @humbxrtoo17 wrote, "I didn’t know I wanted a pet duck until now." SAME! We think the only annoying part would be how many people would stop you to say hi to your pet duck. LOL! Worth it though!

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