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Woman Shows Off Her New 'Pet Jellyfish' in Video That Has People Captivated

Get ready to be obsessed with the aquarium pet you never knew you wanted: jellyfish. That's right, one TikTok pet mama is introducing her followers to her new pet jellyfish, and everyone is rightly in love. Not only are @colleentravels' new buddies super relaxing to watch, but they're also an ethical choice for those who don't have room for large tanks.

After all, jellyfish don't have brains or a sense of spacial awareness, but they do require regular care and maintenance like any other pet. Whether or not they're animals you'd consider raising yourself, there's no denying how fascinating they are to learn about.

Aren't they so much fun to watch? The light-up tank that Colleen bought for her Cannonball jellyfish adds even more to their otherworldly aesthetic. It looks like she has little pet aliens!

"Omg I want a pet jellyfish," said commenter @corrallingthecampbells. She speaks for us, too! As the most-liked comment of the video, we have a feeling more viewers than we thought are having the same idea we are. Are jellyfish the new goldfish? 

Of course, any responsible pet owner (even a potential owner) would educate themselves--just like @bridgette.the.vampire started to do! She said, "I was curious on the diffculty of taking care of jelly’s I would absolutely love to have some after of course research just curious." Though there wasn't a clear consensus on the difficulty, she gave us a great reminder to consider the reality of animal ownership before taking the plunge. 

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