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Pet Monkey's Reaction to Smelling a Bag of 'McDonald's' Fries in the Car Is All of Us

It's not everyday that you see someone with a pet monkey, but when you do, you definitely stop and pay attention. One woman on TikTok had people riveted after sharing video of her Squirrel Monkey, Leo, trying to steal her McDonald's bag. We never knew how much monkeys liked fries, but when you think about it it makes total sense. 

The moment was so adorable that his owner had to get it on camera, and later shared it on his TikTok page @leolivinlife. The video shows Leo in the car— but a bag of McDonald's proves to be too tempting. All of the sudden, his little hand juts outside of his carrier. We can only imagine that he's groping around to see if his owner got some nuggets with her order. "Can't eat without giving Leo some," the video's text overlay states.

"Can’t ever eat in peace," his owner joked in the caption. 

Since sharing the footage online, the video has been watched a whopping 14 million times. And people thought it was so stinkin' cute. "The hand!!!!" @kayyymc3 joked in the comments section. "Oh that’s too cute I can’t handle it," @bzatha wrote. "The way it peeped out of the side first," @gasedup239 noted. "Sound effects of the bag to the hand….it’s mine..It’s Mine..ITS ALL MINE!!!" @canatwins4526 teased. 

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TBH, we totally understand Leo. We can't wait until we get home from McDonald's to chow down either. The smell is just too strong to resist! 

His mama also shared another video of her little guy on his first birthday and it's adorable.

Happy birthday, Leo! We hope you got McDonald's for your special day.

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