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Couple's 'Pet of the Week' TikTok Series Is Impossible to Resist

It's very important to celebrate your family members when they are successful and achieve their goals so they feel loved and appreciated. This goes for our furry family members too, who usually try to be the best pets they can be. One couple recognizes these efforts of their pets, and the way they reward them is amazing.

TikTok user @kels_lynn22 recently shared a video of her husband speaking to a gathering of three cats and one dog. In the video, her husband explains each pets' highs and lows of the week before announcing who wins the highly anticipated award for "Pet of the Week." Check out who won the "Pet of the Week" in the video below that is equal parts adorable and hilarious!

OMG, congratulations to Max the Maine Coon on winning "Pet of the Week!" We loved the in-depth explanations about why each of the other pets didn't win the award. It's always important to hear a judge's reasoning for their choice in order to eliminate any suspicions of bias!

People in the comments could tell Max was positive about his chances of winning "Pet of the Week." @theagentwafflez said, "The way Max moves his ears, knowing all the good things you're saying about him... He knew he would win." Another user, @cruisetolesbos, commented, "Max knew it was his week! He was posed so majestically!" Max was ready for his moment to shine!

Others thought Flora should have won! @aquarionics commented, "Flora was robbed," and @peanut.11_ said, 'Flora walking out like, "If I'm not winning this week, I'm out."' This kitty thought there should be a recount because her mishap was not her fault!

We just can't get enough of the video. This user posts their "Pet of the Week" videos every Friday, so be sure to check back next Friday for more precious videos like this one!

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