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Pet Pig's Excited Reaction to Getting Zucchini Slices Is Downright Irresistible

There are perks and downsides to having a food-motivated pet, but more often than not, they're easy to please! Just ask @ariane_gh2, who's the mom of one child, one pup... and one pig. Her kunekune pig is one hungry guy, and it makes for some of the best TikTok videos.

Even though his name is Waldo, @ariane_gh2 can always find him with the help of a snack. In this case, it was a simple slice of zucchini that lured him from his own little world, and let's just say we're loving it. 

Isn't Waldo such a superstar? We just love his looks and enthusiasm! Commenter @brbleep must feel the same way, because they wrote, "Omg !!! I just fell in love 😳🥰😂." Looks like you'll have to get in line--Waldo has a lot of fans!

"[His] ears are everything 🥰," said @tamsot5. Aren't they? If we didn't know better, we'd say this pig has fringe! He certainly fits into the grunge aesthetic, especially with that scruffy fur, but he's also all smiles and rainbows when he sees his mom with some zucchini. No one can resist a snack! 

"Wait a second," @fredrickmeekma wrote. "He actually sat?" He sure did! Waldo's mum skips no opportunity to show off her fur baby, so she replied, "I have a video that has him sit and stand, grab a treat." Hard to believe? It's real!

What else can this pig do?! At this point, we wouldn't be surprised to see him roll over or play fetch. This pig and mama duo is such a fantastic team!

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