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Pet Possum's Adorable Halloween Costume Makes Him Our New Superhero

When you think of totally adorable pets you'd like to own, you may consider dogs or cats or even cows. But you probably aren't even considering the utterly adorable pet that @Vincent_van-poss has, and that is a small, floofy, hilarious possum. 

Not only does Vincent enjoy snuggles with mom, eating delicious snacks, and wearing crocheted sweaters, but Vincent has an alter ego and you'll have to watch the video to understand why Vincent is here to protect us all. 

Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da Vincent! 

We are all safe again thanks to this crime fighting possum! The comments on the post are loving this with @Lab saying "OMFG Please give him a cuddle from me!" "MORE! I need more bat possum!" JennlynnWA87 exclaims. I think @Girl speaks for everyone when she says "This is literally killing me. I can't even handle how much I love this." 

Now, before you go wandering your streets at night looking for your own super-possum, you need to realize that Vincent's owner works at a wildlife rehabilitation center and rescued Vincent when he was a newborn after his mother was hit by a car. These wild animals need specialized care and they are only legal to own in certain states. 

But you can still totally enjoy Vincent's adorable antics and be thankful for awesome people who provide these unusual pets with a new chance at life. 

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