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Pet Psychic's Insight on How Animals Visit Us From the Other Side Gives Us Hope

When your pet passes over, they never really leave you. You always have your memories, and sometimes it feels like our animals can visit us in our dreams. Well, according to Danielle MacKinnon, a pet psychic on TikTok, there’s a strong difference between having a dream about your pet and having a visitation. A dream might leave you unsettled. But understanding what a visitation is and what it means for our pets on the other side might just be the thing that can bring you peace.

A visitation is a certain thing that animals do on once they've passed that’s a way of saying hello to their humans, MacKinnon explained in a video from April 10. “It happens while you’re asleep at night,” she said. Understandably, it might be easy to get a visitation and a dream confused, but MacKinnon shared the key ways to know which is which.

Oh, my goodness. We love how she described how it's the connection we feel to our pets while sleeping that distinguishes a visitation from a regular dream. For owners who are desperate for a sign from their pets, this gives people so much hope.

Some 75,000 people have since watched MacKinnon’s video, and many people shared their own experience being “visited” by their beloved pets. “I think my boy visited me not too long ago and woke up with a full heart ♥️ and great start to the day,” wrote @ludwig2009. “When my dog passed away, I had a visitation I believe with him jumping on the side of the bed,” shared @megs1288. “He used to do this all the time so I’d pick him up.” “100% I feel like we actually spent time together and woke up feeling so happy,” chimed in @mtownconcrete.

So remember, if it makes you feel unsettled, it was probably a dream. But if what you've experienced brings you any sense of connection, it's a visitation. And we think that couldn't be any sweeter.