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Pet Quail's Tiny 'Turkey Hat' Is So Cute We Can Hardly Stand It

We see so many dogs and cats who are spoiled by their owners, made to wear cute little outfits, and that's why it's always so fun when we get to see an unusual pet owner heap they same love and attention on their pet. Frogs and lizards and chinchillas and birds need love too! 

That's why we absolutely adore TikTok user @Fathenfarms and his beautiful pet quail Finn. Finn has a huge selection of adorable hats but this one, well, it's very seasonal. Just check out the video to see why. 

Okay, so um, Finn is flipping adorable. But, um, also, don't some people eat quail for Thanksgiving? Thank goodness Finn is just a pet and not destined for the holiday table. Now we can just go back to enjoying his hilarious tiny turkey hat! @Z had this hilarious comment to make, "I just cried over this. I'm high as hell and this bird is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I love it so much." LOLOLOL. @Sassyspider says "OK. Saw there was a hat. Cute. Realized what the hat was." The irony is strong with this one. @Em adds, "He looks so happy and confused at the same time." 

Oh my goodness we had no idea a bird could look this adorable. Now we just need to find a bunch of people who know how to knit so we can put little turkey hats on all the birds! 

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