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Video of Raccoon Jumping in an Outdoor Sling Is Full of Fun

Whenever we see someone with a pet raccoon we can't help but be jealous. They always seem so sweet and curious and playful. TikTok user @Nolinriverwildlife is a wildlife rehab out of Glendale, Kentucky and they have the cutest little raccoon in their care. Boone has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which means he usually uses a wheelchair.

NolinRiverWildlife is making sure Boone never misses out on any fun, and this darling video proves just that!

How sweet is he frolicking in the fall leaves? We just love him! We aren't the only ones, with @Rannie posting, "This brings me so much joy!" @Fauxdeffa adds, "Me when I see the first leaves of autumn!" @Raymondboombox comments, "Oh please, this has given me an excellent start to my day!" We are right there with you! 

It's so wonderful to see Boone able to enjoy nature as he would if he was able to live in the wild. This little guy is the exact definition of the phrase "jumping for joy." He's all of us who love the fall season. 

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