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Pet Rat Attempts To Steal Candy and TBH We'd Let Her Have It

Rats make sure great pets. They are amazingly smart, show empathy and can be incredibly affectionate. 

Rats are also amazingly fun and funny to watch, just like this video posted by TikTok account @Itsanniebelle posted of her cute pet rat Cookie proves. 

This guy loves candy just as much as we do! Check out this funny video and see what happens when mom tries to take away her forbidden treat. 

Awwww! Give her the candy! @Jessicahalffast posts, "Awww.....noooooo.... please let her have a taste!" @Craftylittlememe adds, "She's trick or treating! You let her be!" @Kimberleyfillmore adds a sweet comment to the sad aspect of rat ownership, typing, "Can she have at least a bite? They don't live long let her have what she wants!" Mom replied, "I know. She’s almost 3… I took the wrapper off and gave her the whole dang thing." Yay! 

That's one drawback to falling in love with a rat, domestic rats only live for about two to four years. Rats can have issues digesting sweet foods like candy, but a small treat for these little babies on occasion is ok. She's just too cute to deny her! 

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