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Pet Sable Checking Out Electronic Water Fountain Has Zero Chill

Buddy the sable was rescued from a fur farm and she is just the funniest pet ever. She belongs to TikTok account @Sablebuddy and she really is living her best life now that she's in a safe and loving home. Her antics are hilarious and legendary. 

Just check out this hysterical video posted where Buddy encounters an electronic water fountain. She is just too much! 

We just love her precious little inquisitive face! @Jovandy has lots of questions about Buddy, asking, "It's like a cat? And a dog but also a bear? How?" LOL! Sables are actually a species of martens, and these small mammals live in forests. @B posts, "He’s like, oh are we not supposed to splash splash?" @Tallanddaft comments, "If they weren't so hyper and destroy everything I'd 100% get a sable." 

Although they are adorable, sables are a difficult animal to keep as a pet. Most places don't even allow them to be kept as pets. They are very high energy, and can be destructive and aggressive. Due to the fact they are bred in captivity for their fur, they really should only be re-homed with someone familiar with the mammals and with a background in animal rescue. But the rest of us can totally adore these beautiful and silly animals via video! 

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