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Video Showing How Pet Seagull Typically Greets Owner's Guests Is Going Viral

When we enter a business, we always like to be greeted by the employees for a nice touch of customer service and human interaction. However, one recent video is showing us an even better option than a greeting from the employees: a greeting from the owners pets, as shown in this viral video.

TikTok user @winston_gull is the account for the self-proclaimed "professional herring gull" named Winston. In the video below, Winston walks toward the camera to show viewers how he greets the guests at his owner's business. Check out the video to see Winston in action!

OMG, we just love this bird! Winston seems like the best seagull for the job—his polite demeanor is warm and welcoming, while the pitter patter of his webbed feet is just too cute. Every business needs a Winston on their payroll!

People in the comments loved Winston's feet sounds. @festiverollover said, "Best greeting ever. Other greetings lack the plap plap plap sound." Another user, @mustardlover3 commented, "The serotonin his little feet sounds gave me is going to last me a whole day!" We have the video playing on repeat just for the feet sounds!

Others wanted to experience Wintston's greeting in person! @surface commented, "We’d be coming over every single day," and @bryandingler43 said, "I would have to resist the urge to kidnap Winston and make him mine." We can totally understand the urge to run away with this awesome seagull!

Winston is the best little employee at this business! With such lovely greetings, we expect him to get employee of the month every month, as well as extra fish as a bonus!

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