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Pet Sitter Is Sharing Her Biggest Secrets and People Are Calling Her Brilliant

You want the absolute best for your pet. And who could blame you? They're your BFF. Which is probably why so many people have tuned in to a pet sitter on TikTok who has revealed her tips and tricks for making pet care a whole lost easier. "Just some things that work for me and [that] I love that might help you!" she explained in a video's caption.

In the now-viral video, the TikTok creator (@jaimdelane) joked that she "runs a petting zoo," so of course she's picked up some A+ hacks. "I've found some things that make my life easier and I don't gate keep so I'm sharing them with you," she explained in the footage. Her first tip was major: "Stocking a belt bag with whatever I need for a walk. That way I just always know I have what I need, when I need it, and I don't forget anything," she explained. Other hot tips; interactive toys to keep high-energy dogs busy and velvet couches so your can't scratch them up. There are so many other good ones, but you'll have to watch the video to see for yourself.

The comments section was absolutely loving the sitter's tricks. "Great recommendations," @piggiethepittie praised. "Dog owner with velvet: the hair just WIPES right off! It’s fantastic!" @dani_bird_13 wrote. Another commenter even explained why velvet is perfect for pets. "Velvet is a non-loop fabric! That’s why cat claws can’t get stuck in them. It’s the best material for cat owners!" @inpursuitofpalms described. 

We guess you could say these tips are absolutely purr-fect.