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Pet Skunk's Adoration for Fall Leaves Is Too Cute to Resist

TikTok user @Larrymithster has one of the cutest pets imaginable, and that's his skunk Little Stinker. Larry and Stinker have all sorts of adventures together, eating Twinkies, going to work with together and Stinker is his forever fishing buddy. 

It's just a totally adorable friendship, especially when Larry acts like he has no clue who his pet is, like in this ridiculous video. 

This is the totally precious content we are on TikTok for! @Jessicaberger posts, "I love the “That’s not a skunk, it’s stinker!” and proceeds to pull a skunk out." @OptimisticGoblin adds, "Buddy looked like he just woke up from a good nap." LOL, he's living his best life, playing and napping in those leaves. @Squirrleytemple comments, "The way she slowly looked around like “Heeeey it’s MeEeEeEeEeEeEe!!”

Now, before you go adopting your own skunk, you need to realize that owning a domesticated skunk is not legal in every state, and places where it is legal may still require additional permits or permissions. Skunks also require specialized diets and it can be tricky to find a veterinarian who can care for your pet. But they sure are adorable! 

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