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Pet Squirrel Looks Like a Princess in her Pretty Little Dress

This is just so adorable! Momo the squirrel is just the cutest thing ever. She belongs to TikTok user @Momo.our.squirrel.girl and we are pretty sure this video will make you want to have your own rescue squirrel join your family. 

Just look how precious she is as a little princess fairy. Our hearts can't take it!

She's just so sweet and it really does look like she doesn't mind being dressed up at all!

@Carolereilly posts "Obviously she loves dressing up! How adorable." @Magatuebela comments "Oh my Gosh!!! Cutest thing ever." @Cybercat002 says, "The most beautiful little angel I have ever seen." 

Momo's mom says in the comments that little MoMo has always been interested in dressing up and also sleeps with her in bed! Her entire feed is fascinating with information about squirrel rehab and how to care for injured squirrels and who to contact if you find a squirrel in the wild. We are sure it takes a lot of care and patience rehabbing one of these little guys and it sure is wonderful to see people out there in the world doing it!

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