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Couple's Cute Bedtime Routine for Their Pet Turkey Is Making People Smile

Getting children ready for bed is a whole ordeal. They never want to go to bed or brush their teeth or stop playing. You pretty much have to drag them to bed. Luckily pets are easier. Well, sometimes...

TikTok user @chathamrabbits is showing us that some pets put up a fight when it's bedtime, just like kids do. The woman in the video explains they have to put their pet turkey to bed because other wise he'll climb the tour bus, dirty it up and they'll have to clean in it. She goes on to show us their bedtime routine and we can't stop cracking up. Check it out! 

LMAO! This was such tease and trick to get the turkey to bed. He thinks he's getting some pets and loving, then boom! He's wrapped up and carried to the coop. 

"You have this routine DOWN! 👏🏻 The instructions you’d need to leave for a turkey sitter would be detailed 😂," said @lizzy_jane_031620. HA! We bet this took a lot of practice to get the routine down. The creator said they actually do leave these instructions for the farm sitter. OMG we love that! @capta1nm0rgan added, "The kicking 😂😂😂." Reminds us of kids! LOL! 

And we can't leave this without mentioning the turkey's name because it's PERFECT. "A turkey names Cornbread! Literally, this is everything," said @dem851. We've never heard a more fitting name for a pet than this! Goodnight Cornbread, sleep tight! 


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